Monday, November 19, 2007

the power of the word "chewwww~~~"

Now we are talking....
Remember this?

Just because of once kenat ‘chewwww~~~~” now changed to this:

Seeeeee ….. the word of "chewww~~~" is so much powerful, it is not an insult word but a motivation encouraging a person to move forward for a better one.

When Buddy fletcheru view this picture before i start publish this on, he said : " why still got chicken old school compo next the to LCD?, no 5.1ch meih chewwwww~~~~

Few years back, this lasap buddy was driving a double cab with sony player and a big box woofer tun tun tun around the town, so kenat “chewwww~~~” eventually he changed to a lasap cb3 honda accord and upgrade to SQL full active ICE system.

he then also kenat "chewwww~~~~" and jio by another buddy to get a house, ended up, he bought a house, repainted color, fixed auto gate. When ever people put "chewwww~" on him, he will take account and make the change. This one baru we call - man... the iMan. I think soon I am getting chewww~~ back by him.

Next time we chewwww~~ his wife see what will happen!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

the letter ' i '

The letter ‘i

In nowadays electronic information century, I noticed the letter i become popular.

Apple has iPod, iPhone, iMac
Honda Has i-Vtec
BMW has iDrive
there is Another car maker I forgot which has this i-Shift
One of the Malaysia electrical appliance maker produce i air-con and i computer too.
Lately I found a webpage introducing
There was a movie named ‘I robot’

I think I want to call my lasapkao the i-kao, then my order gate become iGate.
Coolman the superman is now - iMan
Superwoman upgrade to iWoman

Proton probably will do well if they named the “I” of iswara to i-Swara at the first place. Lolz

Thursday, November 1, 2007

d u c a t i

This morning when i was walking towards office after parking and i saw this man with a nice bike, when he put off his helmet, it was colleague who got this super bike.

Ducati, famous itallian made super bike. this is S series, the most top range model in its class. Absorber is equipped by ohlin. The bike comes only in red worldwide stock. this model has 1000cc engine capacity, produces +/- 175hp which is equal power to a honda civic 1.6L dohc SiR model. if i am not overheard, the weight of the bike is less than 200kg. so far, the fastest speed he ever did was 300km/h.

wel... i dare not call this lasap bike .....

rear view

front view

side view