Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my l a s a p k a o

The nite on 11-1-07, lasap ming brought me a black female puppy in a small box.

her name is ' l a s a p k a o' :)

Don't believe so..? here's the prove:

She slowly grow up in my home and she has got a special character, that she knows to point at the camera lenz and do posting while taking photograph, like ah beng says "got style one".

see these:

"xiao mei mei" style

"see what see~~ never see leng lui ah!"

japanese 18X movie hiao po style

"CEO" Style

"coolman" style

"superstar album" style

"yo~~~, check it out man~~!" american blackman style

and last......................

the 80's madonna style "like a virgin!...."

K si ley....

"I want milk......"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lasap Ming with his lasap "chu"

My buddy lasap Ming bought a new lasap house two months ago. After went thru all the neccessary steps and burdens, he finally moved in.

He then repainted the house to a lasap look.

Now that his lasap cia (car) finally got a roof to park under. Every now and then he enjoy pan sai in the new toilet. Every time when we call up him to lim teh, he said he rather enjoy movie at home - on his lasap square box TV????

We found out the actual reason being is he afraid his lasap house "caught cold" so everynite he wants to hug the house pillar and make it warm, we call it "hug warm warm".

Good move on lasap ming. His future plan is to buy a lasap wrx to park into lasap house.