Friday, August 29, 2008

here comes the "hing" day

it is reaching long weekend for us, all the hingka preparing to come out hing and play, ah boy and ah girl will plan for their pak tou destination program…

Mr. K also wish to date Princess “I” out and tell her: "girl you know is true….wo~~ wo~~ wo~~ I lap you….”

Friday, August 22, 2008

yo~ check it out! ..the G knows to play....

Do we have a good, luxury coach for people here to travel?

I must say “Yes” we do have now but still our local public coach cannot beat this one heheee:

Our government coach service.

Do you see what is special:

You never know ley~~….., I bet our public coach haven’t have this:

Don’t play play i tell you… our G sector is very ‘INDATE’ nowadays, next time we probably see this

And then to this…

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday!!! den den den dendenden den!!!

Coolman will call up says "lim teh liao~~" what he means is to go usual shop for coffee and then go to the TEMPLE of HOPE ... the TOTO hamtam shop.

Kinjrou at nite will call up says “siak jiu loh” then he wants to go to his ‘church’ the balcony.

Mr. J becomes party guy joining Kinjirou group to the temple.

Lou Pent probably call up “ah lao kuo pak golf” but I bet he will end up pick me go eat ice kacang.

Alex the CBK don’t know if he is coming back town or not.

Guan and Ping hide at home only chasing after movie series.

Rabbitx is back from offshore, haven’t meet up him yet.

Myself has got some personal thing to do but just lazy to move on.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The best taste local coffee in town to me is........

The best taste local coffee in town to me is this one, it is at 88 coffee shop. Whether if it is kopi-o, kopi-c, kopi or teh-c alll~ taste good.

Lasap ming also like it. It is best when it is taken on Saturday morning. Me and ming always sit down enjoy coffee at this 88 shop most of the Saturday morning, drink the delicious taste inside mouth, drink with smiling face and with full hope face each time after we come out from next door………

the TOTO shop.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Communication and Broadcasting

Faster ways of Communication method:

1. Telephone
2. Television
3. ....Tell to woman

need super faster? - tell her NOT to tell anyone