Friday, December 19, 2008

MM by Agent

MM founder lately business do so big a bit bo eng. therefore, MM agent help to post one of the food hunting project here.

Now see....

look familiar ? now you know why coolman likes to hang up there.?

Name: kopi tiam
Location: dont want to tell you, later you tell people!.
Food type: of course for human
Operating time: am/pm
What's special: look at the red sign board next to it.
Price range: person who willing to eat will not bother about price.
Tel/Reservaton: song zhu lai. call call for what!.

now see the enviromental:

sui! .. big and spacy.. when you go, you make sure sit on table end with number '8' then more luck for you.

Now comes the drink:

kopi-o & Teh-c: jin ho lim

Now talk about the food:

tien pien hu. Ryabren says super thumb up. almost every morning eat this one.. he told me not to tell 2nd person about it, later too many people go there he dont have place to sit. So, i am telling you here. remember not to tell 3rd person.

question: what about other foods, all good?

answer: as long as you eat with leng lui like above shown, you eat peria also will taste sweet.
one thing good is they also have pao and zhung to eat. eat liao go next door sure pao zhung. you go sao pao, cacatkia pao you eat but no pao you zhung.

overall conclusion: jin ho jiak, si bei ho jiak, wo ia ho jiak, liao liao ho jiak, ai jiak ziu lai, mai jiu suak.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my 91 civic

if you have a 91 civic.
one day, when you are driving your 91 honda civic waiting at the traffic light junction, a new model civic comes right next to you.

Then, the owner shows his chainsaw face teasing you "my civic is new and very sui, i got i-vtec . yours => "

you feel like

no!, when we come to 2009, you spot the same chainsaw face civic right next to you again at the same spot.., what you do, you drive forward a little bit, let him view through your rear window, tell him ..

"hey bro... mine no need pasang rear seat belt, government approved and i am taking my four friends at the back"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JL the lasapkia

ah hah! now you see lasapkia...

guess how old is him todate?

qualified to become pai kia head or not in future?

see the ears like the astro disc

Saturday, December 13, 2008

my story on Go "Hawaii" anniversary

happened to chat to buddy Y member via msn, i invite and suggested if he could bring alone the wife to join us for the up coming go hawaii anniversary dinner.

he said: "why need to go so far?, i am not rich to go that far place ley".

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

YOGA Updates

make your choice:





lasap car care & beauty 自家用

finally, done polish and wax during weekend.

Step 1: Wash and Clean

Step 2:

2.1 Cut and polish.
2.2 Applied wax.

step 2.1 requires polishing machine and it is only apply once in a long time. for older paint, if you skip 2.1 you can't really make it a good mirroring effect like this.

Step 3: Clean with micro fibre cloth.


Tested and proven lizard also cannot stand still on surface.
can you see lasapka and lasapkia stand 8ft behind?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

home enjoyment

how do you like to enjoy your home?

C wants a nice interior design.
L wants a home theatre and audio room to enjoy.
J wants to equip all kind high tech appliance.
T like to have a personal office to go online all day long.
aunties like to have an open place for "mahjong"
uncles like to have a garden for small BBQ gathering.
kids want to have ps3 room.
etc etc

this is enough for me, all pig&dogs, monkeys buddies will automatically comes visit me.

Monday, December 1, 2008


one simple general different between the digital camera vs DSLR camera that is, when someone focus you with digital camera, you probably cover your hand to your face or turn your head around say "no lah... dont take lah.. i not pretty enough to take photo". When people focus you with DSLR camera, apa apa james bond style, tom kurus style, madonna style also we know to post.

For those who dont know but has the same interests, this is lasapka punya lasapshot to share:

enjoy viewing, dont shoot me.