Sunday, December 23, 2007

new member

got this new puppy, she's my lasapkao's daughter, eyes just "open up" this week. now learning to walk.

see the tail got a big white mix hair, look a bit like the tikus tail

i name her 小妹妹。at this moment.

04-Jan-2008: She starts eating and knows to walk steady.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a little self reward

Been busy for few weeks. It is end of year and it is also time to reward myself for a little present. Bought this SE headphone
and upgraded phone memory card size yesterday, loaded in 500mb of songs. The headphone is good; it produces good sound quality as I expected. Now I can jog for extra 2km without feeling much tire.

Monday, November 19, 2007

the power of the word "chewwww~~~"

Now we are talking....
Remember this?

Just because of once kenat ‘chewwww~~~~” now changed to this:

Seeeeee ….. the word of "chewww~~~" is so much powerful, it is not an insult word but a motivation encouraging a person to move forward for a better one.

When Buddy fletcheru view this picture before i start publish this on, he said : " why still got chicken old school compo next the to LCD?, no 5.1ch meih chewwwww~~~~

Few years back, this lasap buddy was driving a double cab with sony player and a big box woofer tun tun tun around the town, so kenat “chewwww~~~” eventually he changed to a lasap cb3 honda accord and upgrade to SQL full active ICE system.

he then also kenat "chewwww~~~~" and jio by another buddy to get a house, ended up, he bought a house, repainted color, fixed auto gate. When ever people put "chewwww~" on him, he will take account and make the change. This one baru we call - man... the iMan. I think soon I am getting chewww~~ back by him.

Next time we chewwww~~ his wife see what will happen!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

the letter ' i '

The letter ‘i

In nowadays electronic information century, I noticed the letter i become popular.

Apple has iPod, iPhone, iMac
Honda Has i-Vtec
BMW has iDrive
there is Another car maker I forgot which has this i-Shift
One of the Malaysia electrical appliance maker produce i air-con and i computer too.
Lately I found a webpage introducing
There was a movie named ‘I robot’

I think I want to call my lasapkao the i-kao, then my order gate become iGate.
Coolman the superman is now - iMan
Superwoman upgrade to iWoman

Proton probably will do well if they named the “I” of iswara to i-Swara at the first place. Lolz

Thursday, November 1, 2007

d u c a t i

This morning when i was walking towards office after parking and i saw this man with a nice bike, when he put off his helmet, it was colleague who got this super bike.

Ducati, famous itallian made super bike. this is S series, the most top range model in its class. Absorber is equipped by ohlin. The bike comes only in red worldwide stock. this model has 1000cc engine capacity, produces +/- 175hp which is equal power to a honda civic 1.6L dohc SiR model. if i am not overheard, the weight of the bike is less than 200kg. so far, the fastest speed he ever did was 300km/h.

wel... i dare not call this lasap bike .....

rear view

front view

side view

Saturday, October 27, 2007

" l e f t hand exercise "

Ok. Just short one..

I like this place.

An abandoned old airport in town became a happening place where people use to drag race every fine Sunday late afternoon. Some people will just drop by and watch the show. Sometime you only see “dogs” chasing after ‘cats’ but when you are lucky, you see ‘dragon’ flying with ‘phoenix’. There is also an official drag racing event take place once in every August at this air strip organises by the MMSC.

Sometime I do go on Sunday afternoon, to do my left hand exercise. Saturday nite is my right hand exercise, right hand to hold my mug. Therefore, right hand exercise on Saturday nite drinking beer, left hand exercise on Sunday to shift gear. Both my hands weight equal.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

home remote auto gate system

As we can see nowadays, many houses had auto gate system installed. Lasap ming also follow the trend got his auto gate installed to his house. He said If not pasang nanti kenat people ‘cheewww’ for having just manual hand pull gate. He spend RM1800 for the job done.

lasapka also don’t want lose face… must pasang one too, otherwise sure kenat lasap ming chewwww later. lasapka is going to do “put-an-order-gate”

order does it work? easy …train up lasapkao to do loh… train lasapkao knows to open and close house main gate. (don’t know lasapkao? See here

in future when lasapka reach home, can just press car horn or shout dog language “oiiiii…. wow woo wroop wroo” lasapkao will come out pull the gate, goooooood dog!.

Let see what’s the comparison between both auto gate and order gate are:

Basic requirement:
AutoGate: Power supply, motor, battery
OrderGate: Food & water supply, training, human to animal love supply.

Operation method:
AutoGate: Remote control
OrderGate: Sound control

Meantime between failure:
AutoGate: Power outage/failure, motor failure
OrderGate: Probably lasapkao gam gam pan sai or pan jio at the same timing so have to wait for a while lohrr… no harm.

AutoGate: depending on capacity of motor, bigger displacement motor means more electric power supply.
OrderGate: one lasapkao not enough fast? can train dual lasapkaos then you get something like this:

or Toyota newly Dual VVTi

then you probably get additional “order car door” and then entire house having “order doors”, “order windows”, “order phone voice answering” done by lasapkaos

AutoGate: require additional external home alarm sensor and monitoring system. Another cost occur.
OrderGate: monitor by lasapkao under real time operation mode regardless the gate is close or still open.

both system have its pros and cons, so choose your own gate. Your money your choice.

Friday, October 5, 2007

lou Pent eh Honda

lou Pent who has a Honda Vtec. He then invested $ modified his honda kao kao.

but the engine bay:

….kanasai ai nei…….betul betul honda Type Rojak ini , mo nin ngai …

should do like this baru sui

the sport rim......

“spoon caliper! dont play play I tell you….”

one day, lou pent can speed his Honda to lutong airstrip and then he will shout to the people there:

“wei! ni neng turbo kia ji bei yang zhou le li kan ngui zhao, ngui mei kiang ni…. put your horse come, I spoonnnn you all……ni nei li…..”

lou pent have spoon, I must also want to spoon, so that both me and lou pent can sit down and spoon together. .

See my spoon?... hmmmmm scare ley….

Lou pent’s spoon : RM4000
Lasapka’s spoon : RM2.50 x 4

lou pent, put your horse come....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my l a s a p k a o

The nite on 11-1-07, lasap ming brought me a black female puppy in a small box.

her name is ' l a s a p k a o' :)

Don't believe so..? here's the prove:

She slowly grow up in my home and she has got a special character, that she knows to point at the camera lenz and do posting while taking photograph, like ah beng says "got style one".

see these:

"xiao mei mei" style

"see what see~~ never see leng lui ah!"

japanese 18X movie hiao po style

"CEO" Style

"coolman" style

"superstar album" style

"yo~~~, check it out man~~!" american blackman style

and last......................

the 80's madonna style "like a virgin!...."

K si ley....

"I want milk......"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lasap Ming with his lasap "chu"

My buddy lasap Ming bought a new lasap house two months ago. After went thru all the neccessary steps and burdens, he finally moved in.

He then repainted the house to a lasap look.

Now that his lasap cia (car) finally got a roof to park under. Every now and then he enjoy pan sai in the new toilet. Every time when we call up him to lim teh, he said he rather enjoy movie at home - on his lasap square box TV????

We found out the actual reason being is he afraid his lasap house "caught cold" so everynite he wants to hug the house pillar and make it warm, we call it "hug warm warm".

Good move on lasap ming. His future plan is to buy a lasap wrx to park into lasap house.