Saturday, October 27, 2007

" l e f t hand exercise "

Ok. Just short one..

I like this place.

An abandoned old airport in town became a happening place where people use to drag race every fine Sunday late afternoon. Some people will just drop by and watch the show. Sometime you only see “dogs” chasing after ‘cats’ but when you are lucky, you see ‘dragon’ flying with ‘phoenix’. There is also an official drag racing event take place once in every August at this air strip organises by the MMSC.

Sometime I do go on Sunday afternoon, to do my left hand exercise. Saturday nite is my right hand exercise, right hand to hold my mug. Therefore, right hand exercise on Saturday nite drinking beer, left hand exercise on Sunday to shift gear. Both my hands weight equal.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

home remote auto gate system

As we can see nowadays, many houses had auto gate system installed. Lasap ming also follow the trend got his auto gate installed to his house. He said If not pasang nanti kenat people ‘cheewww’ for having just manual hand pull gate. He spend RM1800 for the job done.

lasapka also don’t want lose face… must pasang one too, otherwise sure kenat lasap ming chewwww later. lasapka is going to do “put-an-order-gate”

order does it work? easy …train up lasapkao to do loh… train lasapkao knows to open and close house main gate. (don’t know lasapkao? See here

in future when lasapka reach home, can just press car horn or shout dog language “oiiiii…. wow woo wroop wroo” lasapkao will come out pull the gate, goooooood dog!.

Let see what’s the comparison between both auto gate and order gate are:

Basic requirement:
AutoGate: Power supply, motor, battery
OrderGate: Food & water supply, training, human to animal love supply.

Operation method:
AutoGate: Remote control
OrderGate: Sound control

Meantime between failure:
AutoGate: Power outage/failure, motor failure
OrderGate: Probably lasapkao gam gam pan sai or pan jio at the same timing so have to wait for a while lohrr… no harm.

AutoGate: depending on capacity of motor, bigger displacement motor means more electric power supply.
OrderGate: one lasapkao not enough fast? can train dual lasapkaos then you get something like this:

or Toyota newly Dual VVTi

then you probably get additional “order car door” and then entire house having “order doors”, “order windows”, “order phone voice answering” done by lasapkaos

AutoGate: require additional external home alarm sensor and monitoring system. Another cost occur.
OrderGate: monitor by lasapkao under real time operation mode regardless the gate is close or still open.

both system have its pros and cons, so choose your own gate. Your money your choice.

Friday, October 5, 2007

lou Pent eh Honda

lou Pent who has a Honda Vtec. He then invested $ modified his honda kao kao.

but the engine bay:

….kanasai ai nei…….betul betul honda Type Rojak ini , mo nin ngai …

should do like this baru sui

the sport rim......

“spoon caliper! dont play play I tell you….”

one day, lou pent can speed his Honda to lutong airstrip and then he will shout to the people there:

“wei! ni neng turbo kia ji bei yang zhou le li kan ngui zhao, ngui mei kiang ni…. put your horse come, I spoonnnn you all……ni nei li…..”

lou pent have spoon, I must also want to spoon, so that both me and lou pent can sit down and spoon together. .

See my spoon?... hmmmmm scare ley….

Lou pent’s spoon : RM4000
Lasapka’s spoon : RM2.50 x 4

lou pent, put your horse come....