Sunday, May 25, 2008

Borneo MMSC Drag Race

Today we have the MMSC drag racing event going on. lasapka of course kiasu and will be there to watch the show, especially to view Group A4 & A2. As for photographs, I believe it will be available to view from many other website/forum after then.

Majority of participant are from Brunei, Sabah, kuching and few local. The fastest record done was 10.44sec (if i am not mistaken), hopefully there is another record breaking this time, in this kind of normal not-too-even airtrip surface condition.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miri - 98000 - Sarawak - Borneo

Went in forum, bump into a thread where a new member from west Malaysia asked ‘is miri a place?”

I remember 10 years ago; a west Malaysian school mate showed his interests, trying to gather information about the east from me. I know even today many of them still recognize our place as “Borneo” instead of Sarawak but when we tell them Sabah, they know KK well.

One question from him which I like the most was ‘ eh! then… is Sarawak big or not?”
i answered: “u get a ruler, go measure from the map?”.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who’s first? … ?

in foreign countries, ah mo has been practicing ‘ladies first’ for yearss to express the sincerity being a gentlemen. Nowadays even lasap beng here also know to use the word “ladies first”. Go party, go makan dinner, ‘ladies first’, entering/coming out from door, ‘ladies first’. Going in a car, ‘lady first’. Apa apa pun ‘ladies first’ as long as there are ladies attend to any places. Now, let see here….

ah mo says: Ladies and gentlemen
the chinese says: 各位先生,各位女士们。
in Malaysia, we say: Tuan Tuan dan Puan Paun.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

jmc jmj jml jms mkc mkj mkl

jmc~~, jmj~~~, jml~~~, jms~~~, mkc~~, mkj~~, mkl~~~

If you are hakka or if you often hang up with hakka friend. You definitely know what these letter stands for.

For example: when I see coolman washing his lasap honda at home, I say to him…. jmc: 做买春~~~~~~ you have to pronounce the last word slang longer, like that they baru appreciate your expression.

It sounds like a bad word but it is not. Indirectly, it effectively brings a closer relationship between you and your hakka buddy when you know to use these words at the right situation and right timing communicates each other.

Why do they like to use those words? I don’t know……. it is the hakka communication style. I also learned from this 90 coolman.