Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black Top

Ah ha..

this one everybody notice, it is the nowadays trend for most of the car lover:
Min Ten O O (lasap black black style on top)

lasap ming also got his car repaint to a mtoo design, all interior done sui sui too.

MJ sing black n white, he also black n white. 90

uncle says: 'steady man!'

ah mu says: ' kanasai ai nei!'

Kinjirou says "mang nai, ni neh li, still cannot fight with my pink and white"

tomorrow i go tell cacatkia also come out new black top pau......

Monday, October 26, 2009

lasap hiamp car wash centre

my long time friend recently starts running a car wash business himself
the place is at krokop lorong 2, near small roundabout junction to columbia asia,
providing car wash and waxing/polishing service
and he is planning to come out a small makan/minum store
so that ppl can enjoy talk bird, talk lung while waiting for their car line up for wash
you want him do topless wash also can, expensive a bit loh :P
not bad, got motul sport cars picture to see

that's the owner's car, you car can never kilat than his car.

Coffee listening toy

got this lately for my coffee listening time. smooth and soft, very "song"....

even my neighbour aunty also enjoy listening