Monday, December 28, 2009

* bunga *

Yo.., today lasapka wants to show bunga a bit....

"getting a new TV?... ppl already use LED ley..."

nop. you see something?

..take a closer look ......

yeah~~lasaptio again..... bunga watching movie/music video

...bunga internet browsing, can see kinjirou handsome face on big screen

... bunga photo picture album presentation

now can start download some games to play on screen.

Jingle Bell

what had lasapka got for this Xmas......

found a big jingle bell from backyard mango tree.....

already hamtam all masuk stomach.....

Friday, December 4, 2009


Yo, lasapka got something new to play with this weekend...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


lasapka decided to reward himself after a long hard working year. Therefore, he stepped into the shopping mall, walk while hand scratching on itchy butt.... and spend:

a new phone – RM 293.75
a new netbook – RM 293.75
a new digital camera – RM 293.75
a new walkman – RM 293.75
a new 16:9 aspect movie player – RM 293.75
a new game port – RM 293.75
a 鸡皮ASS device – RM 293.75 and
Radio – RM 293.75

all take home carried in one hand





YO.. the long waited Sony Ericsson lasaptio

sui ley......

now ..wife is nagging for a new laptop...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the love door

spotted this while doing shopping to neighbour country,
a door that i haven't seen one in any shopping mall in my living place

the door of love

so far i only find susu dutch lady fridge door in the supermarket in town

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black Top

Ah ha..

this one everybody notice, it is the nowadays trend for most of the car lover:
Min Ten O O (lasap black black style on top)

lasap ming also got his car repaint to a mtoo design, all interior done sui sui too.

MJ sing black n white, he also black n white. 90

uncle says: 'steady man!'

ah mu says: ' kanasai ai nei!'

Kinjirou says "mang nai, ni neh li, still cannot fight with my pink and white"

tomorrow i go tell cacatkia also come out new black top pau......

Monday, October 26, 2009

lasap hiamp car wash centre

my long time friend recently starts running a car wash business himself
the place is at krokop lorong 2, near small roundabout junction to columbia asia,
providing car wash and waxing/polishing service
and he is planning to come out a small makan/minum store
so that ppl can enjoy talk bird, talk lung while waiting for their car line up for wash
you want him do topless wash also can, expensive a bit loh :P
not bad, got motul sport cars picture to see

that's the owner's car, you car can never kilat than his car.

Coffee listening toy

got this lately for my coffee listening time. smooth and soft, very "song"....

even my neighbour aunty also enjoy listening

Sunday, September 20, 2009

eat moon cake lohhhh

moon cake time loh...

this one is good, ...specially made for hokkien lan....

"mai kia-su" moon cake
eat liao si jua ga tiok, leng jui theng tiok, tao hu yim tiok, liao liao bo su bao lu ho jiak

Thursday, September 17, 2009


another ka cheng itchy hand by lasapka last month

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


son says to father: "you drive fast fast, corner wuong wuong, drift sui sui,

dont let my water bottle fall down from dashboard,

if you win, i let you drink my milk milk when we get home"

Friday, August 21, 2009

short statement

lpk: "do you know why most married men so much encouraging their single friend to get married soon possible?"

Tiong: " to join the misery?"


Sunday, August 9, 2009


lasapka so eng attended a 摄影讲座会 conducted by Canon.

the place was nice, good aircon, ada free kopi ...

many attended....

ppl brought camera.. tua liap, seh liap, bazooker liao liao lai..

there was an outdoor test shooting activities too

ppl shoot this shoot that, macam macam style and post pun ada

what did lasapka learned this time ?

now lasapka know how to do 色影.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

hot day... cold drink

Yo.. this is what you must not miss... when you happen to be in kuching,

they call this "white lady"

the place is famous for various kinds of iced drinks...white lady...matterhorn...super cascade

some more can order siham kuehtiaw and pork satays. . etc

can see cabo and let cabo see you too...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

makan weekend

lasapka attended sushi king soft openining eating session last afternoon.

all vip, vvip, taukei, taukei nio, bloggers, handphone camera, digital compact, dslr shutters, mcnet mod & members, hingka, ah beng, ah leng, ah hua, ah hui are invited liao liao turn up sui sui. the place was very busy.

of course~~ M.M also got kang tao, bo chao lu

mmmm there is an interconnection between this japanese fast food and donunts store which lasapka likes, that is:

sushi king does not serve coffee, you drink coffee there, you feel very busy. therefore, after makan sushi king u can straight turn to walk in donuts for a cup of coffee with a piece of donut "si bei song..."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Upgraded kit

After so many years on mobile photography, lasapka decided to go on a moderate range camera last week.

This is it - the PEN. Easier to carry for travelling.

now let see.....first test:

nevermind the handsome face on the left, he si bei hiao want to bikin kacau saja because he is "no schooling' , can't blame. The sofa look natural that's what i like it.

continue testing:

bring up the EV. The glass and the wood look natural.. ok satisfied.

now that my k800i can rest and lasapshot has becomes LasapPenShot.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Driving Vision

lasapka would like to share something good for some of them who might not know, it is about sunglass.
It will be a benefit to have one with polarize len.

i have one comes with brown color len.

but what is good?!

see tis.....

before put on:

the image on dashboard reflects on windscreen


image on windscreen being 'cut' off

another view,


reflection under sunlight on windscreen of both car


we can actually see thru it clearly of what is inside.

one more...


a cheap one will cost as low as RM80 and high grade model will cost as high as RM800. not neccessary for driving, you can enjoy wearing it to the beach and have a nice scene on the sea water.
therefore, dont o-pi-sai while you are driving, i can see what you are

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now and Then

To meet a new friend:

T o d a y:

L: " My name is YongSH, nice to meet you"
S: " I am Wong, nice to meet you too"

F u t u r e:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

new kit on the blog

on 01 july 09. lasapka brought back home a lasapcia.

the first few action taken would be engine reservice, replace some old parts, wirings, not going to do overhaul since the engine is in healthy condition.

replaced absorbers and had the brake reservice.

why buy an old junk? it is the one of the model i like during my younger age and now i going to own it to fullfil my dream

mother says "cheh~~ i tot what car so special, so old liao baru afford to buy one"

bulat: "waw! drift project"

saiful: "yo... fast fast masuk 20v"

coolman: " cheww~~ buy old car kaulin.. see how you gonna get spare part in future."

TK: "congrat and welcome to toyota KE club"

old uncle: "weiseh ~~ you steady man"

Wait till i fully touch up this entire car sui sui then you will see a special nice KE on the road. thinking on a nice color for respray, searching for a nice rim to match it for the time being.

most importantly is : hamtam plate number on TOTO kao kao first.