Wednesday, November 11, 2009


lasapka decided to reward himself after a long hard working year. Therefore, he stepped into the shopping mall, walk while hand scratching on itchy butt.... and spend:

a new phone – RM 293.75
a new netbook – RM 293.75
a new digital camera – RM 293.75
a new walkman – RM 293.75
a new 16:9 aspect movie player – RM 293.75
a new game port – RM 293.75
a 鸡皮ASS device – RM 293.75 and
Radio – RM 293.75

all take home carried in one hand





YO.. the long waited Sony Ericsson lasaptio

sui ley......

now ..wife is nagging for a new laptop...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the love door

spotted this while doing shopping to neighbour country,
a door that i haven't seen one in any shopping mall in my living place

the door of love

so far i only find susu dutch lady fridge door in the supermarket in town