Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally kau tim, after hibernated for sometime...

what is this?

a kiap kiap head cute tool? what to do with this?

here.. ... to kiap the spark plug out from the engine head.

after almost 1 - 1/2 months hibernated, i finally managed to get the correct spark plug i need for the engine and got it replaced during the weekend. it took me hours to do that. TMD

the old spark plug has never been replaced for almost 3 years, considering very tahan liao. really a good thing.

old plug

new plug

now i can feel the engine power run back well.

when showed this new set plugs to my parents, the only first thing i got from them is obviously a question --> "how much $$?" that's the normal reaction we get from parents everytime when we buy something new. i said it was RMxxx i paid.

father feedback "waw... but this plug you buy from old shop also got ley.. i also got on my jeep"

mother said "see.. who ask you kai cia lah.. now you see where your money all gone, you dont teach you son like that next time. #$#%^&%&@#@!?" ...


next move will be the engine oil change. luckily i stil have my spare in da store room, this gonna be my last stock. honestly, the engine still run less than 5000km since last changed 3 years ago.

waiting for the oil filter to proceed.