Monday, July 27, 2009

Upgraded kit

After so many years on mobile photography, lasapka decided to go on a moderate range camera last week.

This is it - the PEN. Easier to carry for travelling.

now let see.....first test:

nevermind the handsome face on the left, he si bei hiao want to bikin kacau saja because he is "no schooling' , can't blame. The sofa look natural that's what i like it.

continue testing:

bring up the EV. The glass and the wood look natural.. ok satisfied.

now that my k800i can rest and lasapshot has becomes LasapPenShot.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Driving Vision

lasapka would like to share something good for some of them who might not know, it is about sunglass.
It will be a benefit to have one with polarize len.

i have one comes with brown color len.

but what is good?!

see tis.....

before put on:

the image on dashboard reflects on windscreen


image on windscreen being 'cut' off

another view,


reflection under sunlight on windscreen of both car


we can actually see thru it clearly of what is inside.

one more...


a cheap one will cost as low as RM80 and high grade model will cost as high as RM800. not neccessary for driving, you can enjoy wearing it to the beach and have a nice scene on the sea water.
therefore, dont o-pi-sai while you are driving, i can see what you are

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now and Then

To meet a new friend:

T o d a y:

L: " My name is YongSH, nice to meet you"
S: " I am Wong, nice to meet you too"

F u t u r e:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

new kit on the blog

on 01 july 09. lasapka brought back home a lasapcia.

the first few action taken would be engine reservice, replace some old parts, wirings, not going to do overhaul since the engine is in healthy condition.

replaced absorbers and had the brake reservice.

why buy an old junk? it is the one of the model i like during my younger age and now i going to own it to fullfil my dream

mother says "cheh~~ i tot what car so special, so old liao baru afford to buy one"

bulat: "waw! drift project"

saiful: "yo... fast fast masuk 20v"

coolman: " cheww~~ buy old car kaulin.. see how you gonna get spare part in future."

TK: "congrat and welcome to toyota KE club"

old uncle: "weiseh ~~ you steady man"

Wait till i fully touch up this entire car sui sui then you will see a special nice KE on the road. thinking on a nice color for respray, searching for a nice rim to match it for the time being.

most importantly is : hamtam plate number on TOTO kao kao first.

Friday, July 3, 2009


you know what red 6D to buy tomorrow ....

tiok liao cia me lim carlsberg