Tuesday, June 10, 2008

...really bei song

it was my very first RM2.69 refuel @ 5.42pm today. the feeling was like:

"really TMD, knn.... very cham we all from now...pkm ....., snk."
in the old time, at the parking lot, some one shout: "oh no, my car got stolen"
in coming time, in front of police official : "wtf, my fuel got stolen"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

3 kids

on friday while going bfast together, philip said;

"eh! you only can have 3 kids!"
"because your car only have 3 rear seat belts"

Friday, June 6, 2008

oil is thicker than water

I know.. i know, fuel price increase.

previously, we go coffee shop, mostly we hear share market talk, now you go everywhere meet everyone all oil price talk, forums, bloggers all write about fuel price storey. with my normal driving practice, i will have to spend extra RM121 for fuel each month from now on. in the other word, our standard cost of living becoming high. at least, with the one time payment new fuel subsidy structure, I do not have to come out more cash to renew my car insurance + road tax this year but some people don't quite satisfy with this new subsidy scheme,

one says “i would rather subsidy back to gov RM50 every month ! 90!”
one says “RM50 per month not even enough to pump petrol”
another says “Subsidy RM50 every month also no use. What can you buy with RM50 nowadays??”

my friend, if you don’t want that RM50, give it to me, I value it for you. buddy Kinjirou said luckily carlsberg still selling RM10 for 3 cans. RM50 I buy back you 15 cans Carlsberg, can enjoy drinking until you half dead.

Soon we see the red bird written "Now Everyone hard Can Fly". Anyway, there is still one thing cheap in malaysia.. it's the pay check, wonder if cm able to power it up!