Friday, April 25, 2008

a gift from honda

lasapka tested drive 2008 2.4L honda accord last afternoon.
Bump into showroom after work, met my long time uncle (classmate's father) there; one of the owner of honda showroom. initially had no intention to test drive but he insisted me to do so. went on....

mentioned to a friends about it, everyone ask..."how? good?"

...of course good lah.. new model new car oh....

one of the sad part is you imagine the feeling when i got back in my own car after test drive; feeling....chewwww~~~lasap car.

anyway, i got a gift from uncle honda, here is it:

uncle somemore gave me two....

therefore, as a conclusion: drive a new car with gifts back home...untung bersih lah..

mean while..i wait for SportTOTO god to approve my purchase.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

good coffee moment

Mr. J had made me a good saturday. bringing this to my home in the afternoon and enjoyed together.

there are still left over coffee powder with me, that's mean we will have another weekend session together.

anyway, starbucks coffee is schedule to be opened in miri. we will be lucky to taste starbucks in sooner time.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

a House a Home

Today special:

This is what I like, bfast + one coffee for two.

Do you see the cheese inside egg?

of course i never forget to put on soft music too.

now we make a house become a HOME.

Remember, if you will enjoy the same. the cooking usualy takes about 10minutes, make sure you slowly spend at least 20mins or more to makan that baru we feel it is a homely bfast.

After makan, what to do? ---> Sunday is TOTO draw day.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

men are hard to please?

men are easy to please one.....

All these while I’ve been reading articles mention about “men are hard to please” , actually man very easy to please one~~~I teach you how lah…. try this method, you will get good feedback especially if you are a lady. You tell a guy you’ve learned and know to tells fortunes - 算命, ask him to show you his hand for a try. Then, you start telling him like this: matter if he looks handsome or not, you say to him “…. in your entire life, you always surrounds by ladies” . When guy hear he has good peach blossom luck, sure feel happy and agree with you. Even thought he had ever get together with just one or two ladies, he will think there are many ladies admire him.

…continue studying his lines on hand, this time tell him “ hmmm…. you are a person that would cherish very much in sentiment and relationship ..:P” this time he'll absolutely agree with you once again, even a bad guy will also think he has got a good conscience to others. matter which 5 feng shui elements he is in, you tell he is a person that is not being haggled over about money issue, even if he makes extra money also hardly save much. Even a stingy ”lokek” guy will think himself generous. Therefore, when you tell he is not the type of haggled over money, this should make him feel please to hear that. matter if his outlook like a Vip or not, you say with his current status, knowledge and capability, he is considering under utilise by his working company. This time "jiak lak", ..the minute he listen to this sentence, he feel he finally found himself the intimate friend that's you liao. No matter how high position a man works in a company, he will always think he is not being well treat and well paid. Never satisfy.

Tat’s about it. No need to address too many points. As long as you tell a man that he has got a good feels emotion, peach blossom, a little regret, good wealth. You definitely make him happy until float liao..