Thursday, February 26, 2009

how to love our wife?

a friend of mine likes to share his opinion to us:

ah beng newly married wife = 天天都想念,一日如三揪。
old man words about wife = 没你活不了,有你活不好。

Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 赌神 wish you......

2009 赌神wish all of you:

新年 no need eat bao & zhung, TOTO already zhung zhung 开, mang zhi no run water.
even jia sushi gamble also liao liao 赢
正财横财 liao liao 来
VTEC 准准开
Turbo boost ching ching
big rain road flood got RE001 bo su.
all girl slim slim sui sui whole year
all guy fat fat drive MB handsome
死蛇咬到, 冷水烫到,dao hu 压到,棉花打到 料料 woon woon bo tai zhi.

but.... you need to give me ang pao first, i baru give you these lucks :)